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Zinc gluconate

Zinc gluconate is the zinc salt of gluconic acid. It is an ionic compound consisting of two anions of gluconate for each zinc(II) cation.
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Chromium picolinate

Chromium(III) picolinate (CrPic3) is a chemical compound sold as a nutritional supplement to treat type 2 diabetes and promote weight loss. This bright-red coordination compound is derived from chromium(III) and picolinic acid.
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Chromium(III) chloride

Chromium(III) chloride (also called chromic chloride) describes any of several compounds of with the formula CrCl3 • xH2O, where x can be 0, 5, and 6.
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Sodium molybdate

Sodium molybdate, Na2MoO4, is useful as a source of molybdenum.
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Zinc sulfate

Zinc sulfate is an inorganic compound and dietary supplement. As a supplement it is used to treat zinc deficiency and to prevent the condition in those at high risk.
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Copper(II) sulphate

Copper (II) sulfate or blue cut is a chemical compound with the formula CuSO4 or 5 aqueous.
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